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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

10 Ways to Raise Your Energy

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash

Do you feel fatigued, exhausted, or worn out? What follows are ten ways to raise your energy (which has also been described as raising the frequency of your vibration). Before we begin, let me clarify. This list is not something to push yourself to achieve. It is simply a reminder of ways to enhance your experience in life that have been described throughout the ages. I suggest you read through the list, see what fits, and then try one or two ways to help yourself feel better.

1. Make Recreation... Re-Creation

To move out of fatigue, many people become sedentary and surf the internet, check out social media, watch shows, or play video games. Even though this type of rest might help us recover from physical exhaustion and distract our minds, to really raise the energy of our full being, we usually have to use more of our human capabilities. For example, I feel energized when I'm moving my body, spending time in nature, connecting with other people, and creating with my hands. And when I do several of these activities at the same time, I feel even better. It is especially invigorating when we are involved in activities that are healing for us or linked with our life's purpose, and this is true even when these pursuits are difficult and require a lot of hard work.

2. Choose Activities That Bring You Joy

Consider adding some fun into your life. Do activities that bring a smile to your face, where you feel a child-like sense of play. If you are immediately thinking that you don't have time- consider how many hours you spend on the internet or checking social media and consider shifting your focus for some of this time. It may also be possible to fit your pursuits into your regular routine- like singing while doing the dishes, playing sports with your kids, or journalling while you wait for an appointment.

3. Get Moving

We feel more energized when we are moving our bodies. The level and type of activity will depend on your state of conditioning and personal preferences. Tune in to your body for cues on what is right for you. If the activity is life-giving- you won't dread doing it, and you will feel invigorated afterwards. If you haven't been moving for awhile, start small and build up slowly over time.

Your inner motivation for any type of movement or exercise is possibly more important than the activity itself. Exercise can be driven by fear or it can be motivated by love for yourself. For example, you can work out because you are afraid of getting sick or because you want to support your health. You can get in shape because it enhances your body and mind or because you want to look good so you feel worthy and wanted. When the activity is motivated by love for the self, it is more apt to raise your energy and result in long-lasting changes in your body and mind.

4. Watch What You Eat

Limiting processed food and sugar (and for some dairy and gluten/grains) can be a great way to optimize the body and influence the mind.

5. Notice What You Are Tuning In To

Dealing with negative issues can be a necessary part of being a responsible adult. However, you don't have to allow yourself to be bombarded with low-energy, negative information all the time. When you limit this exposure, and you also tune in to information that fills you up, you are managing your energy. And when you are filled-up, it will be easier deal with difficult situations in life-giving ways. 

6. Clear Out Resentment

Harboring negative feelings is a huge energy drain. The key is not to ignore these feelings, and to not automatically blame another person or situation for how you are feeling. Take time to appreciate what you are carrying and then work to release it on all levels. The blog post: 5 Ways to Open Up can give you some ideas on how to do this.

7. Avoid Filling Up on the Reactions of Others

Using praise to raise our energy is a bit like filling up on candy. It feels good at the time, but leads to an energy crash later. It is also not sustainable. When we get hooked on this external source of energy, we often begin chasing for attention, approval, "likes", and we worry that other people won't be there for us. All these activities can become big energy drains.

8. Clear Out Mental Baggage

Most likely there are issues rattling around in your sub-conscious that are draining for you. What is happening on this deeper level is often reflected in our life experiences, our thoughts and feelings, and our automatic reactions. When we take time to tune in to these experiences we can gain insight into the underlying beliefs that drive our perceptions and experiences. With this awareness, we are no longer locked in these patterns and we can choose new ways to move forward.

9. Let Energy Flow Through Your Body

The following three activities can enhance the flow of energy through the body. When you are feeling drained, consider giving them a try, and notice if you feel better. Another way to experience these activities is to attend a yoga class that has a calm pace and good breathing cues.

a. Stand barefoot on the ground and picture roots moving from the soles of your feet and burrowing deep into the ground.

b. Breathe deeply. Feel your belly move outward and imagine your rib cage expanding with each inhalation.

c. Gently stretch your body in different directions- stopping when you feel slight tissue tension. Let your body move automatically into positions and breathe into the stretch.

10. Reap the Rewards

It can take some work to raise our energy level, but it is definitely worth it. Over time these activities can help us not only feel more energized...they can help us become more energized. As we raise our energy set point in this way, it shifts what we perceive and experience in our lives and can lead to more peace and joy. And who doesn't want more peace and joy?

💜For more information & activities to raise your energy... I encourage you to check out my second book: Healing with Awareness.


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