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Healing with Awareness is for anyone who wishes to move out of physical or emotional pain or grow in personal or spiritual awareness. Key characteristics of healing are presented using stories from my personal experience as well as from my work with patients/clients who are working to heal in a holistic way. The book also includes activities to help readers use the body-mind-spirit connection to heal on all levels. The social nature of healing is also explored, including how relationships can push us to grow and how we can help each other in the healing process.

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This book has received great reviews from a dozen specialists in holistic healing, and it has been sold at conferences by the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners.


1: Praise for Healing with Awareness 

“Mary Ruth Velicki clearly describes how to tune in to the body-mind-spirit connection in order to move through suffering or to simply live with more peace and joy. Her compelling stories of her own healing journey and of her patients’ healing journeys bring esoteric concepts to life and will keep you glued to these pages.”

— Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D, CMT. Owner, Healing from the Core. Author, Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom and Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom

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