My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I have healed through debilitating pain and childhood trauma, and I now live with a sense of peace and spiritual connection. I work with patients in pain as an integrative physical therapist.  I share information & inspiration about healing the body-mind-spirit in three books (The Healing Series) and on a healing site.




For the past two years, spiritual insights have been flowing in quickly and spontaneously, and I share this information on this site. My Soul runs around here freely and I welcome you to join me!

Becoming a Spiritual Writer

About twelve years ago, in the depths of chronic pain and despair, I had a surprising experience that opened up my perspective, and I became consciously aware of my Spirit. For some people, like Eckart Tolle, a spiritual awakening like this leads to an experience of peace and bliss. Not me. I had been given a glimpse of what was possible, but it took a decade of healing before I began consistently living with a sense of spiritual connection in my regular life. In The Healing Series books, I use my story to describe universal characteristics of this type of healing, and share ways to move out of suffering, heal the body-mind, and grow in spiritual awareness. 


The journey wasn't easy, but I was given great help throughout the process. Spontaneous insights flowed in to help me along the way, and I was also given ways to determine what information was my highest truth. 

Now when I write, spiritual information flows in rapidly and automatically. It brings me great joy to share these insights with you. 

The third and last book of The Healing Series is coming in 2020! It shares all the spiritual experiences of my healing journey, and can help you open up to perceive and experience more spiritual connection in your regular life. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive a notice when it is out!

A Few Minutes for the Soul

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