My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I write & speak about healing the body-mind-spirit. I share from experience. I have personally healed through chronic pain and trauma using a holistic approach, and I've worked with patients as an integrative physical therapist. 


I share all I've learned about healing on both sides of the treatment table on my healing site and in the three books of The Healing Series.


After I finished writing the book series, spiritual insights began flowing in quickly and spontaneously, and I share them on my spiritual blog. 

A Few Minutes for the Soul

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The third and last book of The Healing Series is coming in 2020! It shares all the spiritual experiences of my healing journey, and can help you open up to perceive and experience more spiritual connection in your regular life. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive a notice when it is out!

I also post inspirational quotes/poems on facebook & instagram @lettingloveflow