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Welcome! My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I have experienced a great transformation that has taken me from the depths of pain (IC/BPS), trauma, and despair and into a state of health, well-being, and joy. I've also witnessed and helped others working to heal as an integrative physical therapist.  I share my healing experiences to provide clarity, direction, and hope for anyone working to heal their body-mind or expand their spiritual awareness.

Writing is my way to be of service.

All profits are used to provide more healing support. 

The third and last book of The Healing Series
Coming November 15th! 

The Healing Series Books


"The Healing Series is a story of how one person, in facilitating her own healing, discovers the future of

authentic healing and health care for all of us."

Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA

Author of Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation: Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention and Wellness

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