My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I write about healing and spirituality in a clear and practical way. I share from experience. I spent a decade healing through chronic pain & trauma using a holistic approach, and I've worked with patients as an integrative physical therapist. I'm now feeling really good, and I live with a sense of peace in my regular life. It is my passion to share all I've learned on this journey with you.

The Spiritual Blog

After I finished writing The Healing Series, spontaneous, spiritual insights flowed in. I share these reflections on the blog.

The Healing Site

This site is full of information about holistic healing for healthcare providers, and anyone dealing with chronic pain (especially interstitial cystitis), depression, and anxiety.

 All profits are used to provide more healing support. 


The 3rd and last book of The Healing Series is coming soon!

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"In a time when the world is in desperate need to grow at a soul level, Healing with Spirit delivers, in so many ways. The author, through engaging and powerful personal stories and practical tools, leaves us hopeful, excited, and empowered. Personally I’ve realized that a spiritual journey is a healing journey, and the only kind that makes sense if your ultimate goal is more love, health, and joy. This book will help you with that kind of journey."


— Laura Di Franco, MPT. Owner of Brave Healer Productions. Author, Brave Healing. A Guide for Your Journey 

A Few Minutes for the Soul

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