My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I write and speak about holistic healing and growing in spiritual awareness. I share from experience. I have travelled from the depths of chronic pain and despair to joy, and I now live with an unwavering sense of spiritual connection. I also work with patients in an integrative way- combining my physical therapy background with holistic bodywork and energy work. I have created several resources for others on a healing journey including:

this spiritual blog

the healing series books

a healing website


All profits from my writing are used to provide more support for others on a healing journey. 

Letting Love Flow

About the spiritual blog

In the depths of chronic pain and despair, in my darkest hour, I had a surprising experience that opened up my perspective, and I became consciously aware of my Spirit. For some people, like Eckart Tolle, a spiritual awakening like this leads to an experience of peace and bliss. Not me. I had been given a glimpse of what was possible, but it took ten years of healing before I began consistently living with a sense of spiritual connection in my regular life. In The Healing Series books, I use my story to describe universal characteristics of this type of healing, and share ways to move out of suffering, heal the body-mind, and grow in spiritual awareness. 


The journey wasn't easy, but I was given great help throughout the process. Spontaneous insights flowed in to help me along the way, and I was also given ways to determine what information was my highest truth. 

Now when I write, spiritual information flows in rapidly and automatically. In past two years, more than a hundred short reflections have come through including: poems, spiritual philosophy, and life lessons. It brings me great joy to share these insights with you through this blog. 

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Healing is a process that can help us move through pain and suffering or simply live with more peace and joy. In this recent talk, I use my experience to describe three universal characteristics of healing.  

Healing with Awareness
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On this other website, I share information & inspiration for all aspects of the healing journey:

  • Moving Out of Suffering

  • Healing the Body-Mind

  • Growing in Spiritual Awareness