My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I write & speak about spirituality and healing in a clear and practical way. I share from experience. I've travelled from the depths of pain and despair to joy, and I now live with a sense of peace and spiritual connection in my regular life.​ I've healed through chronic pain & trauma using a holistic approach, and I've worked with patients as an integrative physical therapist. It is my passion to share all I've learned on this journey with you. 

  • In the The Healing Series books, I use my story (and the stories of many others) to describe universal characteristics of body-mind-spirit healing, and how to use these concepts in regular life.

  • My healing site provides information and inspiration for all aspects of the healing journey including: moving out of pain, healing the mind-body, and growing in spiritual awareness.

  •  Spiritual insights now flow in quickly and spontaneously, and I am currently sharing a short reflection each week (1-3 minutes) on my spiritual blog.

The third and last book of The Healing Series is coming in September! Please subscribe to receive a notice when it is released. 


"The messages Mary Ruth presents are especially timely given the state of the world in 2020, where people have been forced to spend more time alone in self-reflection and isolation. Her book lays out practical concepts and exercises to help those who feel stuck, hopeless, or disconnected from self. Mary Ruth skillfully outlines how to use "alone time" to develop stronger connections to insight and inspiration residing within, which ultimately facilitate body-mind-spirit healing and post-traumatic personal growth."


— Karen Axelrod, MA, CST-D, CACMT

A Few Minutes for the Soul

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