The Healing Series

"The Healing Series is a story of how one person, in facilitating her own healing, discovers the future of authentic healing and health care for all of us."


—Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA. Professor Emerita, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Miami, author of Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation: Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention and Wellness

In Healing with Spirit, I use stories from my personal experiences and from the experiences of many others to describe how spiritual awareness can shift and expand throughout the healing process. I present numerous routes for spiritual connection in everyday life in order to help you become more aware of the support and guidance that is available to all. 

The book will be released in September 2020.

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In a time when the world is in desperate need to grow at a soul level, Healing with Spirit delivers, in so many ways. The author, through engaging and powerful personal stories and practical tools, leaves us hopeful, excited, and empowered. Personally I’ve realized that a spiritual journey is a healing journey, and the only kind that makes sense if your ultimate goal is more love, health, and joy. This book will help you with that kind of journey. 


— Laura Di Franco, MPT. Owner of Brave Healer Productions. Author, Brave Healing. A Guide for Your Journey 

Healing with Awareness is for all who wish to increase their awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection and to use this connection to heal on all levels. Key characteristics of the healing process are presented using stories from my personal experience as well as from my work with clients who are actively healing in a holistic way. The book also includes activities that help readers to heal on all levels. In addition, the social nature of healing is explored, including how relationships can push us to grow and how we can help each other in the healing process.

In this instructive memoir, I combine my background as a physical therapist with my personal story of healing through debilitating pelvic pain to provide concrete advice, hope, and inspiration to those who are suffering. I start out as a skeptical scientific-type, and readers accompany me as I work to heal and gradually discover the body-mind-spirit connection. Healing through Chronic Pain bridges the gap between traditional and more holistic perceptions of health, and it clearly demonstrates how suffering can become a catalyst for personal transformation.

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