An Introduction to Holistic Healing

Chapman University. 3/17, 3/18, 2/19, 9/19

Considering the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

California State U, Northridge. 4/15, 3/16, 2/17


Healing with Awareness

Unitarian Universalist Church Santa Clarita Valley 10/19

The Transformative Power of Love

Unitarian Universalist Churches in Fullerton, Long Beach and Los Angeles. 6/17, 7/17, 12/18

Demystifying Intuition

Unitarian Universalist Churches in Long Beach and Los Angeles. 5/16, 10/18

The Body Electric. Tuning into the Body to Heal the Mind and Spirit

Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach 8/15

Post-traumatic Growth. How Suffering Can Be a Catalyst for Transformation

Unitarian Universalist Churches in Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Laguna Beach. 8/14, 2/16, 4/16, 6/16


Healing with Awareness

Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach. 1/18​


"I found Mary Ruth Velicki's presence in the pulpit to be professional, pleasant and engaging. She was well-prepared, her voice, eye contact and conversational style is invitational to her listener's experience of worship.”

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez