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Restoring Well-Being

I had been dealing with chronic pelvic pain (IC/BPS) for about two years when I realized that the pain reared up whenever I was stressed. Once I made this connection between my mind and body, I began healing on deeper levels. Over the years, this painful cue helped me uncover and release held emotions and constricting beliefs and behaviors. I learned to release these restrictions physically, mentally, and even energetically. Through this process, I became pain-free and peaceful, and my life changed in dramatic and positive ways. 


After I had been healing for about seven years, I began speaking about healing and working with clients combining my physical therapy background with the holistic bodywork and energy work that had helped me to heal. Through these experiences I realized that I am not unique, and that holistic healing has universal characteristics. I wrote the self-help book, Healing with Awareness  to share these concepts with others on a healing journey.

Here are a few key healing concepts from the book:

Healing Reflections
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