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About Mary Ruth

My healing journey began in my mid-forties. At the time, I was caring for my husband and two teenagers, working as a physical therapist specializing in the treatment of adults with neurological injuries, and teaching courses in this area of practice at several universities.  


At age forty-five I developed a complex pain condition called Interstitial Cystitis, and for years my bladder was painful, my pelvic-floor muscles were in knots, and my nervous system was in over-drive. The pain was debilitating and I quit working and focused on healing for a full decade.


 After I had been in pain about two months, I had a spiritual awakening in the depths of chronic pain and despair. After this experience, I knew I was more than my painful body and spinning mind; I sensed my spiritual nature and knew it was timeless. This shift in my perspective was profound and unwavering  and it also jumpstarted my healing journey.


From that time on, my life then began moving in an expanding and healing direction. People showed up and information flowed in, and I was able to appreciate and accept this help. With the assistance of skilled therapists and many different therapeutic approaches, I worked to uncover held emotions, constricting beliefs and behaviors, and even deeply repressed childhood sexual trauma. I learned how to release what I was carrying physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. While this was happening, I grew in self-love, and I sensed my spiritual nature increasingly more. 


About seven years into healing, I began working with clients in an integrative way combining my physical therapy background with the holistic bodywork and energy work that helped me to heal. In the three books of The Healing Series, I share my experiences and the experiences of my clients to provide information and inspiration for others on a healing/transformative journey. 


Throughout my journey, I received intuitive/spiritual support. Information came to me in many ways such as physical sensations, mental images, spontaneous thoughts, dreams, and coincidences. My body also gave me clear signs that helped me know whether the incoming information was my highest truth. At first, when I heeded the advice, my body calmed down and the pain level dropped. Then, starting about seven years into healing, my head began automatically nodding yes or shaking no as insights came into my mind. The insights accompanied by the yes response are always loving and empowering, and they provide great support and life-giving direction, and the insights accompanied by the no response help me appreciate when my thoughts are less compassionate and expanding. 


After the last book of the series was complete, healing insights flowed in whenever I sat down to write. While I was typing, my head automatically nodded yes or shook no, and I changed the words until there was a consistent yes response. I share some of this content on the blog, and eventually this information will be part of a fourth and final book. 

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