About Mary Ruth

Before Healing

My life looked really good on the outside. I had good marriage, and two wonderful kids. I enjoyed working as a physical therapist, specializing in the rehabilitation of adults with neurological disorders, and teaching courses in this area of practice at several universities. But there were also signs that all was not well in my world. I had endured fifteen years of chronic neck pain, and my mind and body were often hyper-vigilant and playing out fear-based patterns. I didn't know this at the time, but as I began to heal, I could appreciate how ramped up my body and mind had been throughout my life.


The Healing Journey

When I was forty-five, debilitating pelvic pain reared up and pulled me out of my regular life. Two months into the condition, in my darkest hour, I had an amazing spiritual experience that shifted my perspective. From that moment on, I had an unwavering knowing that I was more than my spinning mind and broken body, and my essence or life-force was timeless.  


And that is when the healing journey began. The pain reared up whenever I was stressed, and over the years, this painful cue helped me uncover and release held emotions, constricting beliefs and behaviors, and even deeply repressed childhood trauma. I learned to release these restrictions physically, mentally, and energetically. Through this process, I became pain-free and peaceful, and my life changed in dramatic and positive ways. In the memoir, Healing Through Chronic PainI take readers with me as I discover the body-mind-spirit connection and use it to move out of suffering. 


After I had been healing for about seven years, I began speaking about healing and working with clients combining my physical therapy background with the holistic bodywork and energy work that helped me heal. Through these experiences I realized that I am not unique, and that holistic healing has universal characteristics. I wrote the self-help book, Healing with Awarenessto share these concepts with others who are working to heal.


As I healed I began to perceive and experience more love, and I had many surprising, spiritual experiences. Information came to me through physical sensations, mental images, spontaneous thoughts, dreams and coincidences. I share this part of the journey in the upcoming book, Healing with Spirit

Letting Love Flow

I recently re-read my first book, which was written over a decade ago, and realized that even though my body and mind have changed so much, the insights that rose up in the depths of despair and throughout my healing journey have never wavered. On some level, this information had always been available, and as I healed I simply embodied and lived these truths more often.

Over the healing years, my ability to tune in to this spiritual information increased, and I also developed ways to determine which insights are the highest Truth. I share these insights on this spiritual blog, and through quotes on Facebook and instagram @lettingloveflow.