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About Mary Ruth

We each have pursuits that come natural to us and bring us joy. When I look back over my life so far, it’s clear that I’ve always loved providing support for others in difficult times and expressing esoteric concepts in straightforward and practical ways.


My initial career encompassed both of these passions. I received my doctorate in physical therapy and specialized in the rehabilitation of adults with neurological disorders, such as stroke, brain injury, and spinal injury. Working with patients in a hands-on way was the most uplifting part of my day, when I always felt a sense of peace and connection. I also developed and taught neurologic rehabilitation courses for physical therapy programs at several universities. I loved interacting with the students and combining the knowledge of the field with personal stories and hands-on activities.


Over those years, however, I also experienced chronic neck pain, and when I was forty-five, I developed debilitating pelvic pain, which made it impossible to work. I had been suffering with intense pain and anxiety for two months and I was falling into despair when I had a spiritual awakening. On that night, which I now appreciate was my darkest hour, I was lying in bed in tears and began reading The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. At the start of the book, Eckhart encourages the reader to tune in to their inner voice and to consider that there is another part of their consciousness that can do the listening. When I followed that prompt, I immediately felt a fullness in my heart and an electric wave flow from my heart to my fingers and toes.


The next night, again in the throes of pain, I called out to my deceased parents for help, and in response an intense tingling sensation flowed from the top of my head, through my body, and out my fingers and toes. After the fifth time, I started laughing and I said, “Okay, okay! I get that you loved me.” I now understand that my childhood beliefs of not being seen, safe, or loved contributed to my vigilance and to my pain. The recurring tingling sensation I experienced that night challenged those childhood beliefs and removed the first chink in my protective armor. This experience changed my perspective in a profound and unwavering way. I sensed my spiritual nature and just knew that I was more than my spinning mind and painful body.


And that’s when my opening journey began. For almost a decade, I consulted with expert clinicians and I spent time calming my body and engaging in introspection. I started out using most of the Western-medicine interventions available at that time, and when I was still hurting, I combined these efforts with other treatments, including psychotherapy, life-coaching, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, holistic bodywork, and energy work. I also became a Reiki master and took courses as a therapist in two forms of holistic bodywork (CranioSacral Therapy developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, DO and the Myofascial Release Approach developed by John F. Barnes, PT).


Through all this effort, I gradually discovered how my physical pain was related to the overall state of my mind and body. I appreciated my vigilance, and I uncovered childhood dynamics and lots of repressed sexual trauma that contributed to my state of being. It was a difficult journey, but it was also beautiful. The more I opened up, the more I felt the love of my essence and the freer I felt on all levels. Over the years, the pain gradually dissipated and eventually went away.


I am still opening, and I know this will continue throughout my life. Over time, it has become easier and easier to tune in to my inner and outer experiences, to appreciate my mind-body patterns, and to open up to receive love and support. Opening helps me appreciate and honor my life in a deeper way. It helps me stay more present to experience the richness of this human experience—the beautiful, awe-inspiring, uncomfortable, harrowing, and fear-producing moments. It also helps me to feel more connected with the people in my life and to appreciate and honor their unique characteristics and experiences, too.


During the course of my opening journey, my passion to care for others in challenging times and to present esoteric concepts in clear and practical ways has never wavered. For example, when my pelvic pain began, I started to chronicle my experiences because I thought my perspective as a patient/therapist might help others who were dealing with chronic pain. As my awareness grew, the scope of my writing also expanded. What began as a possible self-help book for people in chronic pain became a book series, a three-part instructional memoir, describing characteristics of holistic healing. When the pain subsided, I began sharing my experiences in sermons and lectures and working with clients in a hands-on way, using the holistic bodywork and energy work that had helped me heal.


From the very beginning of my opening journey, whenever I typed at the computer in an open state of mind, information came through that was loving and supportive and that provided life-giving direction. Looking back over all those journals, it is clear that my personal truth has been there from the very beginning, and as I gradually open up, I appreciate, embody, and live these truths more often.


After I finished writing the book series, information continued to come through, and as I typed, my head spontaneously nodded yes or shook no, and I changed the words until there was a consistent yes response.

Much of this information was for my personal opening, but it was also clear that some of this wisdom is universal and meant to be shared. Eventually, I gathered up all that content in my fourth and final book titled: Letting Love Flow. Open Up to Experience More Peace, Awareness, and Joy. It will be out soon!


All this creative work describes ways to sense your essence, expand your awareness, recognize constricting patterns, and create in more conscious ways. It brings me great joy to share this wisdom with you.​​

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