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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Emotional Learning

Updated: May 25, 2021

We have a choice about how we experience our emotions. We can ignore, suppress, manage, or endure them, or we can tune in to how we are feeling. When we stay present and we do not become our emotions, we can use these different states to expand our awareness. As an example of this type of processing, this post presents common emotional states and provides suggestions on how to grow through them.


 For more ideas, consider checking out the post: 10 Ways to Raise Your Energy.


On a spiritual level, we are never separate and isolated, but on a human level it can really feel that way! So during these times, consider taking time to become more aware of your spiritual nature. Sensing this love/light/energy can help you feel more connected and secure than any human interaction. For more ideas, consider checking out the post: 5 Ways to Increase Spiritual Awareness.

Superiority / Inferiority

A common dynamic when we are identified with our personality/ego, is to either feel better than others or to feel like we are not enough. When you find yourself in this dynamic, know that it is possible to move out of there and to live with a sense of equality and peaceful confidence. For more ideas, consider checking out the post: 3 Steps Out of Hierarchy.


Sometimes we move into states where we feel tense, hypervigilant, and stressed. This natural response can signal danger and help us to be safe and survive. However, it can also become a habitual way of being for both the body and the mind. For ideas on how to move out of this state, consider checking out the post: 10 Ways to Move Out of Fear.

Physical and Emotional Pain

Constricting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can be held in our body-mind, and this can eventually lead to emotional and/or physical pain. The key is to know that it is always possible to release what you are carrying, to open up, and to become more present. Through this healing process, more love/light/energy can flow to and through you, and this can help you feel better emotionally and physically. For more information, check out the post: The Healing Journey: 10 Common Steps.

Peace and Joy

Ah the joy of living! Savor these moments, and then replay them often in your mind to help increase your endorphins and energy. The contrasts, challenges, and drama of life will always be there, but as we grow in awareness it becomes easier to sense eternal stability, too.

💜≈ For more information to heal the body-mind-spirit, consider checking out my book, Healing with Awareness.


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