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5 Ways to Open Up

Updated: May 25, 2021

For me, healing was the process of releasing what I no longer wanted to carry in my body and mind, and gradually opening up so I could perceive and experience more Love. This process not only helped me move out of debilitating, chronic pain and anxiety, it also changed my inner and outer life in amazing and positive ways. Here are five activities that helped me to heal in this way. Perhaps they will help you heal too!

1. Note when your body-mind assumes a stressful state 

You may spin mentally, feel constricting emotions, and/or experience tension, tightness, or pain in your body.

2. Release at the mental level, by asking these questions:

  • Has a specific situation or interaction triggered your stress?

  • Has a thought pattern, behavior, or belief surfaced that is constricting for you?

  • Are you ready to acknowledge it and work to change?

  • If you start blaming a person or situation for your response, acknowledge this trigger and then go deeper to see your part in it.

3. Release at the body level

  • When you are processing a constricting mental or behavioral pattern, ask yourself if you are holding this experience in your body.

  • The first thought or image that comes to mind is often significant, and your hands may even move spontaneously to this location.

  • Consider if it would be helpful to massage, stretch, or put pressure on this area of your body. If your first thought is yes, then do it.

  • If your body moves spontaneously at the same time, simply let the motions happen.​​ 

4. Release at the emotional level

  • When you are processing a constricting mental or behavioral pattern, allow your emotions to surface.

  • Express these emotions on your own and freely.

  • Consider releasing emotions like anger or rage in a safe and physical way, such as beating up your pillows or your bed.

5. Use your breath to help the body-mind release

  • As you release at the body or mind level and/or express emotions, constrict the back of your upper throat near your nose, activate your diaphragm (the belly will move in), and push the breath out of your open mouth with a hissing sound.

  • When an area of the body has released, take in deep breaths using your diaphragm.

  • Picture white light moving into the body through the breath and filling up the area that has just let go.

💜≈ This activity comes from my second book, Healing with Awareness, which includes much more information to heal the body-mind-spirit.


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