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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Top 10 Healing Concepts

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Ana Maria Wright

1. Healing is a choice to rest, release, reconnect, and revive.

2. We learn through contrast. We cherish connection when we have felt separate and lonely. We appreciate freedom when we have felt bound.  We know love when we have faced our deepest fears.  Consider that whenever there is constriction- there is also an opportunity for expansion.

3. Healing is the process of releasing resistance so that more love can flow to us, through us and between us. 

4. As we heal, we gradually move from a fear-based/ survival mode and into a love-based/ creative mode.

5. As we heal, our lives become less of an obstacle to be overcome or a trek to a destination, and more of a joyous adventure.

6. When we tune in to spiritual energy/wisdom we become more grounded and focused. And the more grounded and focused we become, the more we recognize spiritual energy/wisdom.

7. You will receive all the support and wisdom you need to change if you choose to receive it. The more you have to unravel, the more help you will receive.

8. You are whole, even when you feel broken. When you come to this awareness you can hurt physically and emotionally and still not suffer.

9. Healing may not be easy, but when you are willing, you will receive all the help you need to make the journey. It is a willingness to be transformed and to do the work that shakes and softens us. 

10. As you grow in awareness you do not become someone new. You simply express your unique characteristics more often in life-giving ways. 

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