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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Healing Journey: 10 Common Steps

Updated: May 25, 2021

It is possible to perceive and experience ourselves and our lives in a more expanded, uplifted way. This process has been given many different names such as: healing, growing in awareness or consciousness, personal, self or spiritual transformation, and even progressive enlightenment. In this post, and in my books, I use the term "healing" for this personal shift.

Healing is a process that evolves over time when we are ready and willing. When we heal, we actively work to release fear-based patterns in our thinking and behavior, and we gradually open up to perceive and experience more Love. As we heal, we still see pain and suffering, but we also sense the ever-present Love within us and all around us, and this helps us become peaceful and compassionate even in our chaotic world.

What follows are 10 common steps on a healing journey. These steps happen all at the same time and on deeper and deeper levels.

1. We want to change, and we are willing to step on the healing path. Our resolve may wax and wane, but on a deep level- we are ready to allow the opening.

2. We sense that we are more than our human identity, our story, our ego, our personality. With this awareness, it becomes less threatening and more possible to examine and release patterns in our thinking and behavior. The more we sense our Spirit, the deeper we are willing to go to release all that is not in line with this state of consciousness.

3. We stop numbing ourselves, avoiding discomfort, and ignoring our pain.

4. We stop blaming other people and situations for our internal state.

5. We work to uncover patterns in our minds that are rooted in shame, blame, and fear.

6. We consciously replace constricting thoughts and beliefs with more loving ones, and shine a light of compassion on the areas of our bodies and minds that are restricted.

7. We become willing to be vulnerable with ourselves and with others; we allow ourselves to be seen.

8. We spend less time in fear-based and reactive states, and more time in love-based and creative states.

9. Instead of replaying the past or worrying about the future- our minds stay focused in the present increasingly more throughout our daily lives.

10. We see the easy and the difficult experiences in our lives as opportunities to learn, grow, and expand.

Healing takes work and sometimes it is difficult and even painful. But it is so worth the effort! Because as we open up our body and mind, we gradually live with more peace and joy. And who doesn't want more peace and joy?

💜≈ For more information to heal the body-mind-spirit, consider checking out my book, Healing with Awareness.


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