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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Letting Your Creativity Live

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

photo: Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I have no idea what a writer's block is because for me it is like a writer's flood! For more than a decade information has been flowing in whenever I sit down to write. These insights have helped me move through debilitating pain, heal my body-mind, and grow in spiritual awareness., and whenever I sit and write in this connected way, I feel peace and joy.

Writing has been transformational for me, but this never seemed like a good enough reason to spend so much time doing it! So in the beginning, I told myself I was writing to help others heal, and later I told myself I was writing because it was my life's purpose. These ideas might be true, but they came with a catch. I had to find readers to justify all this time and effort.

Putting my works out into the world created fear and anxiety, and eventually I realized that I held many beliefs that made it difficult to share. I suspect these ideas are holding others back, too. So here are the five main limiting beliefs I uncovered, and the insights that flowed in to help me express myself more fully in the world. Perhaps these insights will also help you let your creative self live.

Belief #1: All Work Needs a Purpose

The Update: Your creations do not need to be productive or useful to be valuable and right. Creating can be a way to have fun and to experience joy, and that is enough.

Belief #2: This Creation is Who I Am

The Update: As you grow in awareness and become less attached to your ego, your works will become more than a way to define yourself. The more you connect with the love and light from which you are made, the less you will need to make a case for your existence.

Belief #3: I Need to Work Hard to Fulfill My Purpose

The Update: The idea that you have a job to do on a soul level can be another expression of the ego. Instead of pushing an agenda with your mind, consider moving forward with your heart. Experience your life; savor the moments; allow it to unfold.

Belief #4: The Value of My Work is Measured by the Acceptance of Others

The Update: As you grow in awareness, sharing will become a way to express yourself and not a way to to receive validation or love from other people. If people don't value your creations, it may be hurtful and destabilizing at first, but these feeling won't last. Getting jostled around in this way can be an opportunity for great learning. When people react to you, they are broadcasting their inner truths, and this can be fascinating to observe.

Belief #5: I'm Afraid No One Will Notice or Care

The Update: If you choose to share your works and they are helpful for others- that is a wonderful bonus that you can accept. However, to create with abandon, and to feel joy in the process is enough. Experiencing life is the purpose and the reward. Can you fully express yourself without needing to be seen or heard?

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Jennifer Hammond
Aug 19, 2020

This was perfectly timed and so helpful. Thank you love!

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