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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Power of Procrastination

Updated: May 25, 2021

I had just completed writing my book series and my children had just moved out. It was a time of transition. Usually, in times like this, I write up a big "to do" list and push myself into action.

But not this time.

This time, I got quiet and tuned in to my inner wisdom. I have experienced that every decision that has come from this place has been right for me, so I took time to be quiet and alone. I spent time in nature, and I wrote and sculpted. All these activities help quiet my analytical mind so I can tune in to support and wisdom that flows from a higher level of consciousness. In this open and quiet state, I've experienced that is possible to ask for information and receive it.

On one such afternoon, I was standing in my backyard with my hands in clay when I said outloud, “Give me advice on how to proceed.”

My hands worked automatically, and I let it happen. I looked down and saw a big heart had been formed. But it was upside down and the top of the heart looked a bit like my behind! I flipped the heart over and pushed this part into the surface. With this image came a thought,

“Sit there, stay grounded, open your heart.”

I realized that a lack of action is not always procrastination. It can be a time of rest where we are receiving wisdom for the next adventure in life.

Many of us are in a time of transition. During these times- let's consider these actions to move out of reaction and into creation.

  • Pause.

  • Notice your first reactions, but don't carry them out right away.

  • Stay grounded, open your heart.

  • Allow Wisdom to come to you without searching for it or tracking it down. You will know these messages are your Truth when your body feels calm, and the messages point in a life-giving direction. These messages will be empowering and will feel "right" even when the way forward is challenging.

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