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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Opening the Adventure

Updated: May 25, 2021

As our awareness expands, we can choose how we’d like to move forward in a more conscious way; we can tune in to guidance and support, and we can observe our lives unfolding. One week, my experiences demonstrated all of these characteristics, and the messages I received helped me open up new adventures.

I'm sharing this experience to show the possibility of living with awareness, to describe different ways wisdom and be received, and to share messages that may help you open up new adventures in your life, too. Here we go:

On Monday, this message popped into my mind. I found the picture above, and posted it along with the quote on Facebook.

"Sense the way forward. Step through doors that are opening.

Don't bang on doors that are shut."

That night I had this dream:

I am moving along a road in the dark with shadows of evergreens looming up on either side. I'm allowing myself to be propelled forward, and feeling really happy. I realize that I've passed the exit I usually take to go to work, but I'm so peaceful that I can't even remember the name of the road. I travel out of the woods, onto a bluff overlooking the ocean, and into a quaint seaside town. While in the town, I'm trying to navigate back to my work, but my phone is dead. I ask a gas attendant and then a motel clerk for help, and they both tell me it's difficult to get back there, and then they give me directions that I know are wrong. As the dream ends, I'm sitting in my car wondering what to do.

On Tuesday, I realized that the dream matched my life: Over the past decade I had moved through the darkness of chronic pain and depression (the forest). I had allowed myself to be propelled forward towards health and well-being and experienced joy along the way. Eventually, I could see life from a higher perspective (the bluff overlooking the ocean). I had now arrived in a new place (that small seaside town), and it was hard to get back to my old work.

The last scene matched what was happening in my life at that time. I had just sent my 3rd book, Healing with Spirit, out for advanced reviews. The book shares the most esoteric parts of my healing journey, and I knew this was definitely a leap outside the boundaries of my work as an integrative physical therapist. I was moving into new territory and beyond my past roles, and it was a bit scary to be pushing the boundaries.

On some level, I must have accepted this new direction in my life because over the next week, I watched the new adventure unfolding.

First, I received a great review from a leader in holistic healing that perfectly validated and summarized the new book.

Second, I experienced an internal shift. My body relaxed on a deep level, and felt free and joyful, and my husband and brother both commented about the change.

Third, my husband asked me to replace the carpet in my study, and the whole room transformed. I found a teal/blue carpet that I especially liked, and when I gathered together the pictures from throughout my life that had meaning for me, I realized they all had the same color scheme. When it was done, the room changed from gray/black to teal/blue, and I realized it matched the open door in the picture I had posted at the beginning of the week.

Fourth, on a spiritual level, I felt a new connection with the energy/love personified by Saint Mary. I found an old picture of Mary given to me by my mother and it perfectly combined the wood and colors of my new study.

Finally, four clear messages came into my mind that can help all of us open up to experience our lives in more expanding and uplifting ways:

Allow yourself to be propelled forward even when you can't see the way.

You will know you are on the right track when you feel peace and joy.

Let go of your past identities or the need to be right or accepted.

Simply express yourself for the benefit of all.

💜≈ For more information & inspiration to expand your spiritual awareness, consider checking out my book, Healing with Spirit.


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