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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Christ Connection

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Robert Nyman on Unspash

As I worked to heal from pelvic pain, occasionally supportive and loving insights came into my mind, and at the same time I felt an upwelling of love or joy, and tingling in my body. These insights helped me recognize my constricting beliefs and behaviors and gave me guidance on how to move forward in more expanding ways.

A couple of my patients had similar experiences during their treatment sessions with me and also on their own. However, they described these happenings as a connection with Jesus or the Holy Spirit. At the time, I would have used words like Universe or Energy. Despite this difference, we all knew that we had experienced similar healing.

Then, much to my surprise, starting in my sixth healing year, I began having visions of being healed by Jesus. And when I worked with patients using holistic bodywork, sometimes I would hear His voice or see His image in my mind. When I shared these experiences with a few friends, I found out that they had also sensed a connection with Jesus, and most of them weren't traditional Christians when it happened. I share these experiences in my upcoming book, Healing with Spirit.

This sense of connection has continued over the years, and one of the most interesting of these experiences happened when I was treating a patient named Jennifer. She was in her twenties and had been living with Multiple Sclerosis for many years. On that day, Jennifer was dealing with a migraine and a painful spasm of her neck muscles that she rated as an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

I was sitting at the end of the massage table performing holistic bodywork on her head and neck area when an image came into my mind. Jesus was standing at the opposite end of the table, just beyond Jennifer's feet. Then, I sensed Him walking toward me, standing behind me, and moving into my body.

As the treatment continued, my hands moved automatically into different positions and I sensed changes in Jennifer's body. At the end of the session, the muscle spasm in her neck was gone, and she was pain free.

I knew Jennifer relied on her faith in Jesus to get her through difficult times, so I decided to share what I had envisioned during her session.

Her eyes widened, and she asked, “When did that happen?”

“About ten minutes into the treatment when I had your head in my hands, and my fingers were on your upper neck.”

“That's so interesting. Right at that time, I asked Jesus to help me, and then I asked Him to work through you and guide your treatment.”

💜≈ For more information & inspiration to expand your spiritual awareness, consider checking out my book, Healing with Spirit.


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