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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Spiritual Healing: 5 Steps

Updated: May 25, 2021

Our life force (and the life force that animates all) has been given many different names such as: Spirit, Essence, Energy, Love, and Light. When we lose our sense of connection to our life force, it can lead to a sense of unease or to great suffering. In this state, fear-based patterns often play out in our bodies and minds- some conscious and some unconscious.

As we heal, we gradually move out of the fear-based state, and we become increasingly aware of our Spirit. This process can help us move out of suffering or simply live with more peace and joy, and there is no limit to how much we can heal.

If you are interested in healing, or have been walking down that road for years, here are five ways to move forward on the journey.

1. Consider The Possibility

No matter who you are, or what has happened in your life, if you are alive, you embody the life force. You are Energy, Love, Light, Spirit. It is possible to release what you are carrying so you can experience and perceive more of this Love. Living with an awareness of your spiritual nature is your birthright, and you are capable and worthy of it. 

2. Decide To Change

When we decide to heal, we start taking responsibility for our constricting beliefs and behaviors; we take time to become aware of them, and we take action to move forward in more expanding and uplifting ways. Healing is work- but as you move through the layers, and release what you don't want to carry, you will feel more peace, connection, and joy.

3. Look With Honesty

As we heal, we shine a light of love on the areas of our body and mind that have been closed off secondary to fear, shame, blame, etc. As we engage in this process, we become more self-loving and compassionate, and this helps us open up even more. The safer we feel with ourselves, the more honest and vulnerable we can become, and the more we can shed the layers that keep us bound to a more constricted sense of ourselves.

4. Recognize Help

If you want to open up and release what you are carrying, you will receive spiritual support. And if you are carrying a big burden, you will be given more help. However, there is always free will, and you get to choose whether or not you will recognize and receive this support. So as you embark or continue down that healing road, consider keeping your eyes and ears open for messengers and signposts along the way. You will know these messages are for you when they make you feel more peaceful, loving, empowered, and free.

5.  Express Your Self

Healing can be difficult, but the rewards are often unexpected and amazing. As we heal, we spend less time in fear-based, reactive states and more time in love-based, creative states.  We recognize the love that surrounds us, and we become more willing to be vulnerable and to be seen. As we connect more fully with the Love from which we are made, we reclaim and regain our power to create more freely in our internal and external lives.

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