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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

5 Ways to Increase Spiritual Awareness

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Andy Hutchinson on Unsplash

There are many names for the creative force from which we are made such as:

God, Spirit, Source, Energy, Light, and Love.

When we feel connected to this life-giving part of us, we often feel a sense of love, peace, and joy. Remember those feelings? Now consider that it is possible to increase your awareness of your spiritual nature. In this post, I present five ways to do this in regular life.

These activities can require a change in focus, but the more you are in a state where you feel your spiritual nature, the easier it is to get there. In states of conscious-connection people often feel:

  • calm and energized at the same time

  • connected to the child-self

  • like smiling for no real reason

  • tingling in the body

  • an up-welling of emotion

  • more weight-bearing through the feet

  • a sense of peace

In this state it is also becomes easier to recognize information and insights that are healing and expanding.

What follows are five key ways to open up your spiritual awareness.

1. Relax the Body-Mind

When our body is in the calmer state mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system, and our analytical minds are more quiet, new perceptions can flow into our awareness. For practical suggestions on how to move your body-mind into this receptive state, consider checking out the posts: 5 Ways To Calm The Body and 5 Ways To Calm The Mind.

2. Recalibrate

Tune in to your inner voice, that ongoing chatter in your mind, and then consider that there is a part of you that can do the listening. When you know that you are more than your thoughts, especially the constricting mental loops, it becomes easier to recognize them and to move out of them.

Next, as you go about your life, notice when you feel constricting emotions. You may want to automatically blame this state of mind on the situation or the person that is triggering you. But instead, stay with it, and ask yourself why this situation or relationship is difficult for you. If you begin to judge yourself, try to tune in to yourself with a bit of curiosity and compassion. Then consider how you can move forward in a more life-giving way. Take time for this type of introspection every day and over time you will perceive and experience much more internal freedom and Love.

3. Remember

  • Revisit Joyful Times: The joyful times in your life are as real for your body-mind as anything you are experiencing in your regular life. So replay these wonderful times and let them increase your energy and endorphins.

  • Heal the Past: Imagine when you were really hurting, or you shut down with shame, blame, and fear. In each situation, talk to your past-self in a supportive, loving way. Put your hands on your body, and especially all the areas that have hurt in the past. Picture these areas filling up with energy, love, or light. 

4. Receive Inspiration

When you surround yourself with inspiration, it lifts you up and helps you tune in to even more information that is on this loving wavelength. Here are some ways you might receive inspiration:

  • Meditate. There are many different types of meditation to choose from such as: diaphragmatic breathing, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, and focused joyful activity.

  • Pray. This can be a formal practice, or an ongoing internal conversation you engage in throughout your daily life.

  • Write down what you are grateful for every day.

  • Focus on nature- even a houseplant will do!

  • Listen to uplifting music.

  • Tune in to inspirational stories and messages.

5. Re-create

When we allow ourselves to have fun and to create, it can be uplifting and energizing. So allow yourself to do crafts, build things, fix stuff, draw, sing, dance, write, etc. Consider that these activities are not wasting time, they are helping you tune in to your expansive, joyful nature.

💜≈ For more information & inspiration to expand your spiritual awareness, consider checking out my book, Healing with Spirit.


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