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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Five Spiritual Truths in Practical Language

Updated: May 25, 2021

One of my clients is on a healing journey. I can tell because he shares universal truths about healing that I've personally experienced. He uses really practical language to describe what is happening to him. Concepts like spirituality, energy, source, consciousness or God have little meaning for him, but he is still experiencing everything these words convey to other people. I've found that we are often experiencing similar truths, but the words separate us into different camps. To bridge this gap, this post will express five basic spiritual truths in very practical language.

#1 Different Paths

In all our life pursuits, there is an opportunity to adopt an expanding or a constricting perception and experience. This is even true for spiritual pursuits.  For example, in a yoga class we can feel the mind and body working together and calming down, or we can be competing with our classmates and internally criticizing our performance. A religion or spiritual practice can be used to judge and separate people, or it can become a movement that creates compassionate connection, healing, and hope.

#2 Free Will

We all get to choose which path to take, what to focus on, what to create. However, this is not always simply making a conscious choice. Sometimes there are subconscious patterns playing out that influence our perceptions and actions. These patterns determine which details we focus on, the meaning we give to happenings in our lives, and how we respond to situations. But even with all this subconscious stuff influencing us, we still have free will. We always have the choice to heal.

#3 Healing

Healing is taking responsibility and working to uncover and release constricting thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and allowing ourselves to gradually open up to perceive and experience more Love.

#4 Love/Spirit

Love flows through us, between us, and all around us. It is the Life Force or Spirit from which we are made. It is not something outside of us; it is US at the very core. It is the love you feel for another being, the peace you feel in nature, the joy you feel when you are expressing yourself, connecting, creating, moving, being.

#5 Peace

When we become more aware of this Love, we become less identified with our personality or ego. We live with less fear of the eventual annihilation of our human form, and life seems less heavy, and more joyful.

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