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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Finding Happiness in a Difficult Job

Updated: May 25, 2021

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If you are working in a job that is not healthy for you emotionally or physically, finding another one might be the most life-giving decision you can make. However, if you are in a job that has good aspects but tough parts too, changing your mindset can help the situation become a more pleasant experience and even an opportunity for growth.

Here are five ways to switch your perception and experience.

1. Focus on the Good

Write a list of all the parts of your job that bring you joy, and keep the list handy when you need a reminder. Focus your time (as much as possible) and your attention on these uplifting parts the job, and minimize the time and attention you give to the difficult, mundane, soul-sucking parts.

2. Use the Challenge to Expand

Some of the most difficult situations are also great learning opportunities, but it takes a switch in mindset to benefit from them. To make the most of these challenges, instead of jumping into the victim role, notice the beliefs and fears that may have been triggered for you. Then, consider adopting thoughts and behaviors that are more expanding and uplifting. And if you are resistant to this process, ask yourself Why, and this will give you even more information on your habitual thoughts and reactions.

3. See If You Are Holding Resentment

When you feel constrained or disrespected, you have options. You can speak your truth, set boundaries, or learn to let this negativity flow past you. The worst thing to do for your overall health is to shove in your resentment and to replay these negative feelings in your body-mind. If you are in a job where you cannot express yourself, practice letting it go, and if this is not possible- consider leaving the situation. 

4. Take Control of Your Happiness

Some employers withhold praise to keep you in line or to manipulate you to do more work. You know when you have done a good job or put forth your best effort. So take time to pat yourself on the back, and fill up on internal praise.

5. Deal with the Hierarchy

Most organizations are set up as a hierarchy; it is just the way things are. However, some people and environments are really entrenched in this mindset. If your boss is controlling or dominating, consider these actions:

  • Consider the person's feedback honestly, and note if change is needed on your part.

  • Support yourself internally.

  • Picture the negative energy as residing with the other person, and try not to take it in.

  • Practice staying grounded and calm. Feel your weight moving through your feet to the ground. Take deep breaths and feel your belly moving out with each inhalation.

  • If possible, don't react immediately.

  • When you are ready, choose your response. Consider moving forward in ways that are life-giving for you and everyone around you.

These are just a few suggestions on how to take back your power and to actively create more of your internal experience. If you can't or you don't want to take these actions, be honest and easy on yourself. That internal support can also help you deal with a challenging situation.

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