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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Guru State

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: William Farlow on Unsplash

When we grow in awareness, we often want to help decrease the suffering of others, and make a difference in our world. However, sometimes these activities can become our identity and linked to the needs of our personality. I like to call this the “guru state”. What follows are some possible signs that our ego might be wrapped up with our desire to be of service:

  • Wanting people to accept or embrace our contributions.

  • Becoming frustrated when our pursuits do not move forward in the way (or with the timing) we have planned.

  • Feeling superior or becoming angry when people do not support our efforts.

  • Having our mood vacillate (highs and lows) based on the attention and feedback we receive.

  • Attaching our identity to a spiritual group or "tribe" that we join or create.

  • Identifying with our gifts and purpose.

  • Seeing our contributions as special or important.

  • Feeling a strong need to teach or heal others, and becoming stressed when we cannot carry out these roles.

Seeing our ego in action, can open up opportunities to move forward in more expanding ways. When we move out of the guru state, we may still be engaged in the same pursuits, but our mindset and motivations shift. We have less of a need to impress, and we don’t feel pressure to “be” anyone in the world. Instead, we are simply grateful for the opportunity to experience our lives, to create, to connect, and to love.

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