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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

8 Changes As You Grow In Awareness

Updated: May 25, 2021

What follows are 8 changes you will probably experience as you grow in spiritual awareness or consciousness.

1. Your habitual thoughts, emotions, and patterns will no longer define you. You will see them in action, understand that you have a choice about how to think and behave, and take responsibility for your growth.

2. Instead of shrinking or retreating in fear, you will stay present during difficult experiences, approach them with curiosity, and use them as learning experiences.

3. You will face challenges and obstacles in life honestly and with compassion for yourself.

4. You will honor your human emotions and internally support yourself.

5. You will feel more light-hearted, and you won't take yourself so seriously. 

6. You will sense the connection between your body, mind and spirit, between yourself and other life forms, and between yourself and spiritual Wisdom.

7. Instead of looking at your death with fear, you will become grateful for the chance to live.

8. And the best of will experience peace, love and joy.

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