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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Witnessing Spiritual Healing

Updated: May 25, 2021

I learned about spiritual healing through direct experience, and some of the most powerful lessons came through my interactions with Sarah.

I met Sarah about five years into my healing in the waiting room of the pelvic floor physical therapy clinic. Our physical therapist introduced us because we were both writing about our healing with the hope that our experiences might help others who were suffering. I had just finished my memoir, Healing through Chronic Pain, and Sarah was writing a blog, When Sex Hurts, There Is Hope.

About two years later, I began working with people in chronic pain combining my physical therapy skills with the holistic bodywork and energy work that had helped me to heal, and Sarah was one of my first clients. When we first started to work together, she had suffered with pelvic pain for about seven years and back pain from the age of thirteen. She was weak and had decreased muscle tone in her trunk and poor posture. She came in for a treatment every other month for about two years, and over this time (both in our sessions and on her own) she gradually developed an awareness of the connection between her body, mind, and spirit.

Sarah had always been a devout Christian, but now she was experiencing her spiritual connection directly through her body. When she rested in a quiet state, her body would move spontaneously to release tension (unwinding), and while this was happening she received insights, and often she would have a sensation of tingling move through her body at the same time. I had experienced the same things as I worked to heal, so I could validate what was happening with Sarah. Knowing she was not alone helped Sarah accept her experiences as meaningful, and this helped her open up even more.

Sarah began allowing this healing on her own every day, and when we met six months later, the change in her body was astounding. Without performing an exercise program, her core muscles were powerful and her flexibility had increased tremendously. I watched as she stood in front of me and then folded her body over until it was touching her straight legs. Then she laid on her back and moved her legs up and over so that her calves were resting on the ground above her head! Her posture was much more upright, and she had gained two inches in height! She had always been shorter than her mother, and now she was taller than her, and she had to have her workstation raised up because her computer was now two inches too low.

Through my own healing, I had experienced how it was possible to tune in to the body-mind-spirit connection to heal on all levels. But watching Sarah's body change in this dramatic way helped me understand that my healing experiences are not unique, and that the body-spirit connection can be really powerful!

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