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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

The Spirit Space

Updated: May 25, 2021

It was almost dusk when everyone cleared out and my husband and I sat alone on the mile-stretch of beach. It felt like a little miracle since this is one of the best beaches in Orange County, California, and the place has over 3 million people. But we weren't really alone. A group of seagulls landed near us, and about one third of the birds were small and very fluffy. We never see baby seagulls, but we suspected they joined the flock during this cool and quiet time at the beach. And then, we spied about ten dolphins frolicking in the waves, and three jumped fully out of the water.

Afterwards, we were enjoying a great meal at a cafe on Pacific Coast Highwy, when I began to appreciate all the glorious inputs from my senses. The details of the artistic décor jumped out at me. Every bite of the salad and veggie pizza burst with flavor, and every person seemed fascinating. This state of heightened perception had happened before at the ocean or on my morning walks, but this was the first time it happened in a bustling environment.

I remembered something my friend Tim said about a month before, “Lately I feel connected to everything, and I’m often overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.”

I was starting to understand what he was talking about. When you become more present, you begin to experience life in this highly-sensitive and appreciative way. It is almost as if you can sense the energy of life in all its forms. This is the spirit space, and as we grow in awareness, it becomes possible to live there more often in our daily lives. In this space we experience the miracle of everyday life.

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