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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Spiritual Self-Love

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Kyle Cottrel on Unsplash

In this post, I use my experience to describe a switch in perspective, and to encourage you to look at yourself from a spiritual vantage point. Here we go:

My sister was moving and getting rid of what she no longer needed, and she found our old family slides among her possessions. She gathered up the forty slides that included me, and sent them out. I didn't remember these pictures, and since I have only a handful of shots from my childhood, they were a special window into my life. And two of them had special meaning. In the first picture, taken about age five, I'm cradling my doll with affection, and it was interesting to me that my hand was in the same position that I now use when I'm providing CranioSacral therapy for people.

The second was this blurry picture. When I saw those squinty eyes and big earlobes, I knew it was me. But that's not why the photo jumped out at me. The joy on the baby's face and the engagement with whoever is taking the photo reflected my spiritual nature- the part of me that I now sense after all this healing.

Reminiscing about my childhood felt different than it had ever felt before. Instead of being identified with my human form, and working to appreciate my spiritual nature, I was looking upon my human life from a spiritual vantage point. I felt such gratitude for the opportunity to live life as "me", and to have all these experiences. I felt love for my human form and the love of my human form.

I encourage you to look through your old photos. Pick out the ones that seem to capture "you". Then, see your human nature through spiritual eyes.

See yourself. Know yourself. Love yourself.

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