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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Spiritual Convergence

Updated: May 25, 2021

My friend Sarah and I both experienced that differences between spiritual paths and religions fall away at higher levels of consciousness. We came to understand this truth from opposite directions. Here's our story...

Sarah and I are both very analytical, and before our healing journeys we were definitely not open to anything "woo-woo". But as we both worked to heal from pelvic pain, we both experienced our bodies moving spontaneously, the sensation of tingling, and feelings of peace and joy. During these times, clear insights also came into our minds that were supportive and healing.

These experiences would not have been accepted in either of our childhoods. Sarah grew up in an Evangelical, Christian church. Throughout her life, she had attended congregations that were more analytical than expressive, and the focus had been on the words and concepts in the Bible rather than a personal, experiential connection with The Holy Spirit. In fact, there was quite a bit of fear about these experiences, and many people thought that this type of connection and expression came from the devil.

I also got the message that these spiritual happenings weren't really acceptable. When I was a young girl, a leader in Catholic charismatic movement attended our church for a few years. She was also a nurse, and she had written a few books about hands-on healing. As a child, I recognized that this woman had a powerful presence, but I also observed that my mom kept her distance and considered her to be a bit suspect and out there.

When Sarah and I first shared our independent healing experiences, she used terms like God and Jesus, and I used words like Energy and Spirit. But the words did not separate us. We both knew we had experienced a similar phenomenon, and it was valid and powerful.

And then over the years we both received confirmation that this was indeed true. When Sarah was praying and feeling connected with Jesus, she received the insight that when people open up using routes like yoga, meditation, or acupuncture, they are receiving Christ's healing energy.

I came to this conclusion from the opposite direction. As I worked to heal, I opened up using avenues like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, energy work, and being in nature. And then, about seven years into this process, an unsolicited and surprising image of Jesus showed up in my mind's eye when I was doing energy work with my son. And over the years, I would sense this connection with Christ in many different ways.

Sarah and I learned that there are many routes to experience the creative, life-giving force from which we are made, and at higher levels of consciousness there is no division- only connection and expansion.

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