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  • Mary Ruth Velicki


Updated: May 25, 2021

Photo by Mauro Mora on Unsplash

During my morning walk, I spotted a tree up ahead with bare, grayish-brown branches. When I got about ten feet from it, I noticed a dainty dove perched on one of the tree limbs that was reaching out over the sidewalk. The bird's color and shape blended so well with the branch that I had to stop and focus to keep it in sight. Then I spotted another bird sitting a little further in to the left. It was just like those pictures where you can see hidden images when you really focus. One by one, I saw more birds, and soon I realized that the tree was full of them. When I had counted twelve birds- the whole flock flew straight up out of the tree and then down the street and out of sight.

I stood there smiling for a moment, and that's when this insight came through:

"When you pause in the present, more of life can be revealed to you."

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