• Mary Ruth Velicki

Redwood Wisdom

Updated: Mar 22

I woke up early and crept out of the cabin careful not to wake my husband who was resting peacefully. All was still and no one was about as I walked down the service road lined with majestic redwoods. I made my way to a clearing in the woods and faced a group of about ten trees, shut my eyes and breathed in the crisp air. That's when a light tingling sensation moved through my body, my toes spontaneously gripped the ground, and these words came into my mind... a bit of redwood wisdom for all of us.

Stay grounded and internally still.

Live in this place.

Express yourself from this place.

Many people will walk by and not notice you.

But some will find in you- a place to rest.

When your energy is vast and grounded you can help others connect to this same force within themselves.

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