• Mary Ruth Velicki

Being Seen

Updated: May 25

On the Fourth of July, I sat on the tarmac with a thousand other people waiting for the fireworks to start. When I am in a huge crowd like this, I often feel insignificant (and not in a bad or uncomfortable way), and I wonder if there is any meaning to my short life, or life in general.

Those were my thoughts as I made my way to the front stage to check out the band. After a few songs, I turned and started walking back towards my husband, hoping to find him in the crowd.

Then, for just a few moments, the mass of people parted like the Red Sea, and the narrow road ahead of me cleared out for as far as I could see. I noticed the setting sun at the end of the road, and these lyrics (from Coldplay's song, Yellow) began playing: 

"Look at the stars, see how they shine for you, and all the things that you do..."

I smiled and felt like a joyful child as this insight came through:

You are seen and loved.

You are seeing and loving.

You are Sight and you are Love.

And what is true for me, is also true for you.

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