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Healing through Chronic Pain

Praise from Clinicians

“Healing Through Chronic Pain is an artful memoir of personal transformation, the well-written record of an intensely personal path toward healing, and the discovery that pain and suffering are different. I recommend this book highly.”

— Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA.Professor Emerita, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Miami. Author, Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation: Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention and Wellness


“Mary Ruth relates her honest and successful struggle with chronic pelvic pain in an easy-to-read and engrossing fashion. The key to her success is the fact that she took control of her condition and took the responsibility getting well upon herself of rather than expecting the traditional medical model to cure her. I have referred many patients to Mary Ruth’s work in the hope of providing real help for recovery. This is a MUST READ for anyone with chronic pain or interstitial cystitis.”

— Carolyn Sachs, MD, MPH. Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine, University of California–Los Angeles


 “As a trained physical therapist suffering from a chronic condition, Velicki’s unique background allows her to bridge the gap of misunderstanding that often exists between clinician and patient. For clinicians, the book provides an honest look into the daily struggles of a patient. For those who suffer from pelvic pain, this book will be a beacon of hope, comforting those who thought they were alone in their experience, providing encouragement and resources for all who search for healing of mind, body, and spirit.”

— Jocelyn B. Craig, MD.Assistant Professor, Urogynecology and Female Pelvic Medicine, University of California–Irvine


"Mary Ruth Velicki has done a wonderful job of shedding light on the complex maze that is chronic pain. The sharing of her own captivating journey allows the reader to gain a better understanding of the often non-linear nature of unraveling chronic pain. As a past chronic pain sufferer and as a physical therapist myself, I resonated strongly with everything Mary Ruth shared. I now recommend this book to my chronic-pain patients to help them better understand and navigate their own healing journeys.”

— Phil J. Tavolacci, MSPT. Author, What’s In Your Web? Stories of Fascial Freedom


“An honest look at the challenges of healing chronic pain. Ms.Velicki takes us on a journey where grief, pain, and embarrassment transform into compassion, self-acceptance, and hope.”

— Dustienne Miller, PT, MS, WCS, CYT. Author, Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain


“I am a pelvic-floor physical therapist, and I use this book with patients on a regular basis. It has been such an asset to my library for patient education. Reading about these difficult conditions is different than listening to a story, like Mary Ruth's, that hits so close to home for so many, yet is often a silent struggle. Reading this book brought me through the roller coaster of emotions that I encounter with patients, feeling their frustration, pain, and then ... hope. Hope is so essential in healing!”

— Victoria Yeisley, DPT


“Mary Ruth Velicki does a great job of describing her own journey through the complex world of chronic pain. As a pelvic physical therapist who works extensively with patients with chronic pelvic pain, I appreciate that the book gives the patient’s point of view, which provides further insight into my patients. It takes a team approach and many different disciplines to achieve healing. I have encouraged many of my patients to read this book to understand more about the integration of healing with the mind-body connection, which we all posses but may not be aware of.”

— Michelle Spicka, DPT


“Mary Ruth’s story is a beautiful testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and the ability of the body to heal itself from the inside out. Her book gives all sufferers of chronic pain hope and proven tools to reverse the cycle of dysfunction. It also presents a strong case for the integration of traditional and alternative therapies in the treatment of any chronic illness or disease.”

— Karen Axelrod. CMT/Diplomate-Certified CranioSacral Therapist


“As someone who changed her career from being a science, hard facts-based engineer to a Myofascial Release therapist who is also dealing with chronic low back pain myself, I am so happy that Mary Ruth wrote this book. She very clearly describes the transition from closed-minded Western medicine to an awakening awareness of her own belief systems and how her pain led her on a journey to true self-discovery. In Healing Through Chronic Pain—a must-read for anyone dealing with chronic pain. Mary Ruth tells her story in terms that anyone can understand and imparts a sincerity that is immediately credible. I have decided that her book should be recommended reading for all of my clients with chronic pain.”

— Nicole Russo, BS, LMT

“This book is a powerful, well written account of the author's healing journey with chronic pain. As a physical therapist who practices CranioSacral Therapy, this book offered me a wonderful reminder of the power of the mind, body and spirit to keep moving forward and to heal. Thank you, Mary, for your candid, insightful and often heart-wrenching story. You are a true inspiration!”

— Marge (from


“As a fellow physical therapist who is also dealing with my own pelvic pain journey, I could totally relate to Mary Ruth's story and found it very enlightening and helpful. It was so nice to know that I was not alone. I loved how she discusses trying different alternative therapies and the coloration between emotions in the body and pain. I completely agree that with complex pelvic pain issues, it oftentimes does require a combination of therapies to get better, and Mary Ruth has outlined her treatments in this book. I love how she discusses the mind-body connection, a topic that oftentimes is missed or skipped by many healthcare providers. This book gave me renewed hope in the possibility of a life free of pelvic pain. Thank you!”

— Laura R. (from

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