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Healing through Chronic Pain

Praise from Readers without Pain

“The merging of varied disciplines of medicine with such an open mind was amazing. The thorough documentation of the entire process allowed tremendous reflection on so many levels of emotion. Brave and honest.”

— John T. Costello, Jr.

“Although about chronic physical pain, this book and the insights that Mary Ruth gives to us helps along the path of all pain, be it temporary but debilitating, like hip, knee, or back pain, or chronic in the sense of soul/heart pain. I have bought copies for several of my friends and family to help them along life in general; which we know always carries some pain.”

— Leonita Sianez


“Mary Ruth Velicki has provided an intensely personal and powerful story of her own journey from painful physical and psychological misery and despair to a nearly pain free state, but the transformation and its many routes and detours are fascinating. Better still are how instructive this book can be to not only someone working in the health delivery field, but also to anyone who has ever had to suffer from a painful physical condition. Mary Ruth provides many avenues to investigate for lessening one's pain, while providing her own holistic interpretations of the various treatment modalities. A captivating story of persevering, healing, and hope!”

— Steve Fuller


“Mary Ruth Velicki's story is inspirational and provides hope for pain sufferers. She aptly relays her struggles on her journey to a pain free world - it is detailed and enlightening. She provides several avenues of treatments and resources. I admire her persistence, strength and courage. I would highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from any type of pain or internal struggles.”

— Ann Breeden


“Mary Ruth shows such tenacity is searching for a cure to her chronic pain. Her quest for relief and determination to find the people who understood and could provide this lessening of distress is a journey that I felt part of. The references included are a tremendous help for anyone travelling a similar path.”

— Pauline McMahon


“A true story told truthfully. Much to learn from this book, Mary Ruth's story can help you heal.”

— Joanell K. Connolly


 “This book should be required reading for everyone who has a body, but it's a true necessity for anyone who is dealing with physical pain. The brilliance of the book is that Mary Ruth Velicki straddles her roles, so the reader gets insight from a patient and peer as well as guidance from a physical therapist. Contains a whole lot of insight into unraveling pain and healing the human body.”

— MJD (from

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