• Mary Ruth Velicki

The Life Show: Two Tales

Updated: Mar 22

This post uses a theatre metaphor to describe 2 different ways of being & the process of spiritual transformation.

I. The Human Drama

In this story, you identify with your human character, and you are focused on keeping the part.

As the actor:

  • Your self-worth is often defined by how well you carry out your roles.

  • You may hide signs of weakness and fear.

  • To make your character look better, you may judge the other actors and point out their flaws.

  • You perform for others.

  • You use a screenplay (the ideas of others) to determine your part.

  • You follow the script of your analytical mind.

  • You often take direction from an authority to determine how you express yourself.

II. The Spiritual Story

In this story, you know that you are more than the character you play, and you understand that you will go on long after the show closes.

As the actor:

  • You understand that you are in charge of your own performance.

  • You are honest, and willing to show your failures and vulnerability.

  • You appreciate that you are equal to all the performers of the play.

  • You sense your personal power even when you are following a script or you are being directed on the human stage.

  • You listen to prompts from your mind, body, and emotions and allow all of them to influence your performance in life-giving ways.

  • You sense the direction of a creative, expansive life force within you.

  • The longer you act in this story, the more you recognize your power to direct the plot.

Rules of the Theatre

  • Both dramas are playing out at the same time, and it is the mindset of the actor that determines their part.

  • All performances are valid and worthwhile.

  • It is possible to leave the human drama and step in to the spiritual story, but it often takes some work to move into the new role.

  • As the actor becomes more aware, they can see the plays going on around them, and they have more freedom to choose the production they wish to participate in, their roles, and their performance.

💜I acted in The Human Drama up until the age of forty-five because I didn't know there was anything else playing at the time. But when my part became so difficult and painful that I thought I would quit acting altogether, I realized there was a chance to change. For over a decade, I worked to let go my previous habits as an actor and to grow in awareness. With this growth it became possible to act in The Spiritual Story, too. I share my story and all I learned along the way in The Healing Series books.