• Mary Ruth Velicki

Spiritual Languages

photo: Anton Maksimov juvnsky on Unsplash

Differences in language can separate us into spiritual camps and limit our connection and communication. I suspect we are often experiencing similar phenomena, but we conceptualize it in different ways. To open up communication, in this post I present my direct spiritual experiences and then describe how they might be labeled using the language of new-age thought and the language of the Christian religion. Here we go:

When my body and mind calmed down and I opened up to perceive and experience more love, I began to receive information that is supportive, empowering, and creative. These insights came through in many ways such as: sensations, images, thoughts, emotions, dreams, and coincidences. I also began to experience tingling, spontaneous movements, and the release of physical restrictions and emotions. In new-age language, these happenings may be described as tuning in to intuition, energy, light, or love, and in the Christian tradition these experiences may be described as a connection with The Holy Spirit.

I came to appreciate that I had inherited and developed patterns that influenced what I focused on and my common reactions. Some of these patterns felt constricting, and they seemed to be fear-based and related to my survival. When I uncovered and released these patterns I could live more often in a peaceful state. In the new-age movement, these patterns may be described as moving into a low-vibrational state, and in the Christian tradition they may be conceptualized as sin.

Over the years, I worked to uncover and release some of these fear-based patterns, and while this was happening I opened up to perceive and experience more love. This process has also been given many different names such as healing, spiritual or self transformation, and expanding awareness or consciousness.

In short, over the healing years, I became more aware of the creative life force that is also my essence. In The Healing Series, I use the word Spirit to refer to the life force. In new-age language the life force may also be referred to as Universe or Source, and in the Christian tradition most people use the term God.

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