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  • Mary Ruth Velicki

Noticing Our Focus

Updated: May 25, 2021

photo: Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

When I was more judgmental and hierarchical in my thinking, I listened to a talk show almost every day that had this theme. As I was opening up and allowing my child-self to live, I was attracted to light-hearted comedies and Pixar animated films. And now that I feel more grounded and free, I am drawn to nature shows and documentaries featuring creative people. I've learned that what we are focused on externally can give us information about what is going on internally.

Creative works have energy. This is true for all the information that comes our way- whether it be social posts, music, shows, movies, or online content. When we tune in to what we are attracted to, we can sometimes get information about what is happening for us subconsciously.

Here's a few tips for this type of introspection:

  • Instead of blindly accepting the media and entertainment that surrounds you- consider that you have a choice.

  • Do not give your authority over to the artists or creators. They are simply people who are creating.

  • Notice what you are naturally attracted to.

  • Sense the energy of the information coming in.

  • Consider that where you are focusing can be an insight into your inner life.

When I was dealing with intense bladder pain, sometimes I would lie on the couch watching The Jerry Springer Show- which is probably the most inflammatory tabloid talk show ever made! I have never watched that show before or after that time in my life. As I worked to heal, I came to appreciate that my pain was related to suppressed trauma, resentment, and anger, and it made sense to me why I had tuned in.

So, if you find you are attracted to fearful, dark, or constricting material try not to jump in to shame, blame, or fear. Consider that this attraction may be giving you some information about what you are carrying. And rest assured that when you are ready, and if you choose, it is always possible to look within and lighten this load.

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