• Mary Ruth Velicki

New Age Christianity

Differences in language can separate us into spiritual camps and limit our connection. However, we might be talking about the same phenomena. To open up communication, this post describes fundamentals of Christian theology using new age language.


The life-force that is our essence has been described throughout the ages using different words and images. Some use the word God and others are more comfortable with words like Spirit, Universe, Source.

The Holy Spirit

When our bodies and minds calm down, and our awareness expands, it becomes possible to receive information that is supportive, empowering, and creative. This information can come in many ways such as: sensations, images, thoughts, emotions, dreams, and coincidences. It is also possible to sense energy moving through our bodies which can lead to sensations of tingling, spontaneous movements, and the release of physical restrictions and emotions. These experiences have been described as The Holy Spirit and also as intuition, energy, light, and love.


We aren't born as clean slates; we come in with body-mind patterns that are related to fear and survival. We may also accumulate more of these patterns as we move through our lives. It is common to adopt constricting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In new age language, this may be conceptualized as moving into a low-vibrational state, and in the Christian tradition this state of being might be described as sin (original and acquired).

Healing & Christ

We have free will, and it is possible to move out of fear-based patterns and open up to perceive and experience more love. In the new-age movement, this may be described as expanding our awareness or consciousness, and in Christianity this process may be called healing. As we heal (or grow in awareness),we can live in a more peaceful state even when we are confronted with the challenges of human life. It becomes possible to experience less hell on earth, and to create more of a heaven on earth.​

The life and teachings of Jesus can demonstrate ways to make this change. In addition, when healing insights come through, many have a sense of being connected with Christ.

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