Season's Greetings!

What a year! I hope that you and those you love are well.  We enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing your news on social media and in your holiday cards. We assume you do too, so here's our part of the conversation! 

Katherine is in the middle of her last year of medical school, and is in the process of interviewing for residency- which will include five more years of training in orthopedic surgery. We’ve come to appreciate that the reward for a tremendous amount of work, is the opportunity to work even harder! But as usual, Katherine likes the challenge. In addition to her hospital rotations, she published two studies in the Journal of Hand Surgery (one as the lead author), co-wrote three book chapters, and developed a project to decrease the waste and environmental impact coming from the operating rooms at Washington University. 

Alex III moved into a new apartment one week before everyone started sheltering in place. He has a cool room with windows on three sides overlooking the city and the Golden Gate Bridge. He’s grateful for the view since he’s been working from home. In response to the pandemic, his company (the financial start-up Brex) moved the entire sales force to Salt Lake City. Alex chose to stay in San Francisco, and landed a new job as a sales closer. His company provides software to help companies who employ independent contractors around the world meet their tax requirements. 

Our life is much less exciting than our kids, and we are grateful for that! In January, Alex retired from Boeing. He avoided the work-from-home craze and instead transitioned into the work-on-home phase of life, at least until travel becomes feasible again. I stopped working with patients in March, and even though I miss them, I have really enjoyed the freedom to just “be” and to write. I’m finishing up my third book, Healing with Spirit, and developing weekly content for my blog & social media sites titled Letting Love Flow. We enjoy our nightly walks around the neighborhood, our weekly hike at Crystal Cove, and visiting/helping Alex’s mom, Millie. The kids came home in the summer for a visit, and we hope to be together again this Christmas.

Photo taken at the very start of 2020!

We have an even greater appreciation for all of you! We hope your new year is filled with lots of peace and joy.